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Spiritually guided writing: beautiful Spirit within its author's hand. Thank you for sharing your mother's legacy to those who want and do make positive change in the world as we know it. D.A. Gray

Thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoy the messages.
Please feel free to share them with others of like mind.
Blessings, Fran

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My mother, Helen Leatherbee Martin (1905-1973) recorded several hundred essays in the years 1954 to 1963. The name Kai was noted on each of the writings. It was her Spirit Guide, Kai, to whom Helen gave credit for these messages, as she knew she was merely the instrument for teachings which came from him. After Helen passed on, her hand-written notebooks were entrusted to me. I believe she would be happy to know that these inspirational messages are being shared with you. Certainly they are as relevant now as they were when written. Fran Martin (Giambarba)
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