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Paul Giambarba

Jane Kulow -- That's the Bruce Anderson we all knew. R.I.P. Chief.

Jane Kulow


Thank you very much for this. I met Bruce C. Anderson in 1979 when I got my first job in advertising in Boston. He had retired (to paint) at that point, but came into D.A.P. Associates a few days a week to draw, tell stories, and play the upright piano -- usually providing his own accompaniment by stomping the floor enough that the architects below would come up to complain.

We became fast friends (both of us Midwesterners). He adorned the walls of my office with drawings (Sharpie on tissue, usually) and gave me paintings.

What a gent.

Jane Kulow

Paul Giambarba

Alice -- Google the book title and find the publication date. That should more or less date the article you described.

Alice Nall

Recently at a yard sale I bought an 8x10 The Sagittarius Personality by roy McKie. I don't know if it was clipped out of a magazine or if it was just a print. It is in a frame and I don't want to take it apart for fear of tearing it. It looks old.Do you know if it is old?

Paul Giambarba

Hans -- Of course it's special. Even without your telling me its title, if he signed it and gave it to you -- it makes it very special.

Hans Eelman

I have a small book here illustrated and signed by Roy McKie.
He gave it to me some 50 years ago.
He was a passeger on my ship then.
Is it special?

Hans Eelman Holland

Paul Giambarba

Thank you so much, Diana. I'm glad to know you like my blog and my work. You have made my day, week, month.


This is one of the best blogs on the Internet. Currently learning bow to draw and learning as much as possie about illustration, I'm glad I found it and look forward to reading more.

As a long-ago marketing student, I've got to say your Polaroid packaging was beautiful.

Paul Giambarba

Obrigada, Mariana. You're very generous. That was 60 years ago!


You look extremely dapper in your sunglasses and bowtie. :) Thank you for the kind mention!

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