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Paul Giambarba

Thanks, Jason, for the information. That's very helpful and one of the countless things I didn't know.

Jason McKeon

Osborn illustrated around 63 Navy Sense booklets including Carrier Sense, Flight Simulator Sense, Rescue Sense, Jet Sense, Electrical Sense, and many more. He also illustrated around 12 for the Army such as Survival Sense, Mountain Flying Sense, Hot Weather Sense, Inadvertent Instrument Flying Sense, plus a few more. Osborn's Dilbert the Pilot posters numbered to a little over 1000 and were displayed for pilots to help lower the number of repeating safety accidents, his cousin Spoiler the Mechanic posters also around 1000 helped with controlling US production losses. Both had to answer to Grampaw Pettibone. Jason McKeon

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