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paul dashwood

Thank you so much Barbara, My grandmother was a novelist, poet and playwright. She had a much loved copy of "The lovers pocket book" which she would read to me as a child. Of all the books of my child hood this was the one I loved most and often think about however I had forgotten the name of the artist. This morning I searched french illustrators 1950s and was delighted to find your site. I am going to search for a copy online.
Kindest regards, Paul

Paul Giambarba

Many thanks, Barbara. I appreciate your comment. I was freelancing magazines at that time but couldn't get editors interested in Peynet for an article. Those I talked to thought his work too sweet.

Barbara Boyd-Anderson

I have just discovered these illustrations though I have seen them across the years, and enjoyed their whimsy and light French touch. As a teenager in the 50's, they were part of my world without me really knowing it. Lovely to find them once again...And now to appreciate them so much more...Vintage stuff!

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