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Paul Giambarba

Thanks for this information, Vivian. Art Young was great, and if I had more of his work in printed form I would use it. I think you mean 1916 and not 1816 for the New York Sun date. I do that all the time and never fail to be corrected. This is then a first for me. /;^) . .

Vivian Pinto Portela da Silva

The name Sloan hated, The Ashcan School, came from Art Young, assistante editor of The Masses (New York, 1911-1917). Young posted the following comment in the New York Sun (April, 08, 1816): Some of the artists don´t want to run pictures of ash cans and girls hitching up their skirts in Horatio Street – regarless of ideas - and without little. On the other hand a group of us believe that such picures belong better in exclusive magazines.

The comment is reproduced in the book of William O´Neill (Echoes of Revolt: The Masses, 1911-1917. Chicago: 1966, p. 06).

Yours cordialluy, Vivian Silva

Vivian Silva a post-graduated on The Language of The Arts from the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

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