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i have a large oil painting done on board that Al Parker did that you would swear was done by Norman Rockwell that is clearly signed Parker.
It is a small town scene of a little boy and his dog staring at a steam locomotive that is stopped at the local rural train station . It almost looks at first glance that the train is coming out of a house. very well done painting. Al was a wonderful artist who had a very playful touch to his work. the scene is busy and very pleasant to the eye


Thank you, Jolyn. My bad. I'll correct it at once.

Jolyn L Bowler

Greetings, thought you folks should know that the first illustration posted under Al Parker (the back of a woman, towel wrapped at waist on an orange "floor") is actually a Joe Bowler illustration. http://giam.typepad.com/100_years_of_illustration/al_parker_19061985/

Dad remembers Joe DeMers saying how good it was and it was sold to Good Housekeeping for a story illustration. We have the tear sheet here in Dad's folio of illustrations.

I guess you can see by the style of the illustration that Dad was a great fan of Al Parker's and influenced greatly by him.

Dad was checking out Leif Peng's Today's Inspiration blog site and found this posting and said "Hey, that's not an Al Parker." I thought you folks should know.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments back . . . ;-} j

Jolyn L Bowler
Artist's Representative

phil Freeman

I have an original Al Parker illustration which he gave to my Mother when both she and he were living in New Orleans sometime prior to 1946. I have no idea as to its value. If someone can provide information, I would be happy to send a pic via e-mail.


Many thanks, Marty -- Look for more, coming up real soon.

The Social Pathologist

My God,

The women he drew were beautiful.
The age of style and class is gone.

Marty Weil

It's great to see ephemera like this in the spotlight. Very interesting. Great blog!

Marty Weil

It's great to see ephemera like this in the spotlight. Very interesting. Great blog!

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