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Clarissa Rodríguez

Thanks to sharing your wonderful job

Elena deMurias

i have found a framed picture of Paul Dombey and Florence on the Beach at Brighton in my family's home. I am cleaning out a house we have had for over 100 years. How were these pictures sold/distributed. Not sure if it is an original or just a copy. Any ideas would be very helpful. Elena deMurias

Q. Cassetti

Hi Paul:
Thank you for your time and effort behind this lovely blog. It is smart, educational and a visual oasis from much of the tedium that comes across my desk. I am a graphic designer...also a branding person who is currently studying illustration as a whim and delight at Syracuse University. My reason for this note beyond the pleasant discovery of finding your blog is to see if you have read the "Red Rose Girls" by Alice (Bunny) Carter. It is a well written book by a fellow illustrator (she currently leads the illustration program at the University of California's San Jose campus) who was raised by artists and illustrators from the Philadelphia area. The book explores the relationships between the women and puts them in a historical context that for me has been illuminating. It is a pleasant read...I recommend it highly. Bunny indicated there was some interest in possibly turning the book/ or the story of the Red Rose Girls into a Broadway musical. Can you imagine?

Linda Langley

Hello, I recently acquired a 9x12 print that has the name Jesse Wilcox Smith on the bottom left of the print. It is the same setting as the illistration called"The Green Door" but the two children are looking at you,someone has written on the back" Waiting for Daddy". Do you have any knowledge of this print and or any value information you can share with me?


Thank you, Marcel. Your English is very good and I appreciate your comment.


This is very beautiful.

I am a Brazillian illustrator, and I'm still learning english language.

I like this work very much.



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