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Alessandro Brunelli

Hi Paul! Great website, thank you to putting up together so much useful information on great illustrators!

I just started a website - http://www.non-solo-arte.com - and I would like to link to you. Also, Paul, can I put a few background information about yourself? It seems you are a design/art professional. How have things changed with the internet? Also, I would like to post pictures of artists. Do you know if this is allowed (any copyright infringement?)

And finally, why and when there was a differentiation between artists and illustrators? What is for instance Robert Bateman? And all people in this website?

(I would like to talk with you also about photography and its role for artists: a good, or bad thing? but then it's too much writing...))

Alessandro (Switzerland)

Paul Giambarba

Cheryl -- I would begin by searching her name and those of art appraisers on line. Look for help in your area among galleries and those who teach painting. I don't have that kind of information but if you have an original it might be of considerable value depending upon the subject matter and all sorts of things related to her as well.

Cheryl Dergousoff

Hi Paul,
I'm wondering if you would know where i could go to find out the value of an original work of May Wilson Preston? I enjoyed your piece on her.


Thanks for the compliment, Roy, but I would not like to be anywhere near a link to the Drudge Report. Thanks, but no, thanks. Like your photos.

Roy Burke III

Hello Paul.
I found your site looking for examples of the work of Charles Gibson and spent most of the evening dazzled by the world of illustrations.
For over 20 years I've been doing backroads photography in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Last January I began posting some of my work and writings at the following Typepad address: http://doctorflowers.typepad.com
Your site so impressed and moved me I would like to post a link to your "100 years of illustration." However, I will wait to see if you approve of the link before acting. Thanks, Roy

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