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Paul Giambarba

Thanks, Bob. Coming from Bob Staake that's quite a compliment! Restraint is what it's all about. Less is indeed more. Well, most of the time. Good to hear from you and all the best, Paul

Bob Staake

Terrific blog, Paul.
You know, the thing that I find so inspiring about the great book illustrators of the early 20th Century is how they exercised such restraint in their designs and compositions. On the surface, the work of Leyendecker, Wyeth and Pyle APPEAR clincially "heroic", but on close scrutiny, their play between characters, blocked staging and structured scenes evoke significant nuance and subtlety. They also understood that within the venue of a classic storybook that they did NOT resign themselves to create a singular, quintesentially heoric image -- but could use each illustration (as a series) to create their own narrative -- regardless of whether recurring characters, environments or visual elements were common in each. When you study their work carefully, you begin to appreciate their sense of restraint -- one that enabled their reader to become the causal and integral part of the literary experience.
Again, bravo on this fine blog -- I'll definitely be back!

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