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Lou Altobelli

I found a painting that was signed WJ Aylward. It looks like coming to the new world it has American Indians a ship and the capt of the ship is in a boat going towards land. Was hoping someone could help me see if it was real. It also had numbers on the side of the frame. 32729. Any and all info/help would be appreciated. Thanks.


We have what we believe to be an original painting by W.J. Aylward. It is from the Hamburg-Amerika line. It depicts a ship named New York coming into New York harbor, with the Statue of Liberty visible in the left-hand side. I have found many prints of this painting, but can find no information on the value of an orginal. What is interesting is that our painting has something that the prints omit. Nazi flags on the ship. Any idea on how much this painting is worth?

Paul Giambarba

Sorry, Cory. I have no knowledge of a painter who signed himself Graff.

Cory Hart

I have a painting done in oil in 1935 havanna cuba of the USS Constitution and am trying to get information on the actual gallery and the artist sighning as Graff. We know its valuable as we've seen many later paintings valued into the 10K range we need to sell to cover funeral costs
Cory Hart coryhart39@yahoo.com

Myrtie Wessinger

I have what I am told is a lithograph of the German ship Bremen signed by William J Aylward in left hand corner. I am told 1 sold a few years back on e bay for $1100.00
What can you tell me about this lithograph.

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Absolutely beautiful! These pictures are brilliant. My favorite is "A Singapore Junk at Sea, from "The Water-life Around Singapore,"from Harper's Monthly Magazine for December 1909." The reason why is because if you look closely, it actually seems like you're looking at the ship through a magnifying glass, or monacle, or piece of glass, or something....very trippy indeed :-)

Sybil Noblett

I have a picture of the SS. United States that he painted, did not find a year, but my parents have had if forever. Matter of fact my grandfather worked on the ship sometime in the fifties. Anymore infor would be great. thanks

juanita . Marbury

I have this beautiful painting by william j aylward of the uss constitution and would like to know more about it, how can I get more information. The painting is on an old canvas dated 1947

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