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Edward Palmer

Wonderful site as I am a hugh "fan" of Pyle and his students and their studies. Thanks for taking the time and effort for putting together this site. I look forward to browsing through more in the future.

Edward Palmer


Great to hear from you, Michael, and many thanks for the kind words and fact-checking. I have always assumed they had met at Pyle's studio and were later married and I apologize for not checking it out. For the benefit of our readers, you should know that Michael is the author of "Where Does a Hermit Crab go?" an all-time best selling children's book and I wish I knew how to link it here. There is a link under the illustration of Jessie Willcox Smith in the Howard Pyle: An Appreciation page.

Michael Glaser

I've been learning so much from your web site, Paul. It's terrific. Your 100 Years of Illustration would make a wonderful book, though maybe you reach more people with a web site these days. Thank you for all this great information about these legendary illustrators.

I did find one small inaccuracy as I websurfed for more information about Thornton Oakley. It turns out that he was not married to Violet Oakley, though they were good friends and were both students of Howard Pyle. Thornton married Amy Ewing in 1910 and Violet apparently lived a long life on her own terms. Two fascinating people. The Norman Rockwell Museum hosted an exhibition about the "Red Rose Girls" (so called by Howard Pyle) which included Violet Oakley, Jessie Wilcox Smith and Elizabeth Shippen Green. I have included the URL to the exhibit page: http://www.nrm.org/exhibits/redrose/gallery.html

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog this year. I'm really impressed, though I've always been impressed by your talent and your generosity. Thanks.

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