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Paul Giambarba

Craig -- You're going to have to bring the print to a qualified art gallery for an opinion. If you can see dots with a magnifying glass then it's a print. It's too big in size for a book page IMO. Some prints are valuable, some aren't. An expert can probably help you.

Nancy -- I wish I could help you but I don't have the time for a thorough search.

Craig Sculli

I recently discovered a full size (24 x 17in) framed Guerin rendering of The Chateaux of Touraine (I believe). My Grandmother said she purchased it at an estate sale in Manchester, CT about 70 years ago. I am unable to tell if it is an original work, though I do not know how I could tell. What are some ways to determine if it is an original or a print? Thanks! Craig (cjs201@hotmail.com)


I'm looking for a certain scene of chateau luynes by jules guerin which depicts knights riding around the chateau. Is it possible to see it somewhere?

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