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Sadly, LX as SR is now known, is not a patch on SR.

I recently flew LX out of Mumbai to Zurich, & they did not even serve dinner ! Even Breakfast the next morning was a hasty rushed affair. Service was very sloppy & i have sworn never to fly LX, if i can help it.

Richard A. Kaback

Dear Paul: I flew SR CV990's in the 60's, DC8-50's, and then 747's and DC-10's in the mid-70's. Service was always elegant, meals outstanding, glassware, porcelain and silverware. FA's were polished and professional, and each flight was an "event" to which you could always look forward, as well as enjoy! Nothing has ever come close to this privileged experience, and there was simply no other airline like SR! Long live the memory!


Wow. I had no idea. This is amazing.

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