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When I was about 7 years old I received a book titled "Jane's Blanket". The author is Arthur Miller and the illustrator is Al Parker. I had no idea at that time who he was, but when I subsequently went to Pratt I would pull that book out all the time and (secretly)admire and try to emulate the drawings. I still have the book, and the drawings really are sensational.

Jarrod Waetjen

can anyone tell me where the image of the lady with the black eye appeared?

I am writing a dissertation chapter on Parker, and I would love to reference this image.

business card scanner

these are incredible and he sure knows he's job! I am taking an illustration course right now and I tell you- it is hard to do a really good job. Did you know you can use your scanner like a camera? That way you can just hold the page above the scanner - and it will scan more of it!

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