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yolie francis

First of all sir...your work is unbelievable!
I first saw your son's (Andy) website and decided to drop him a
line. I have never written anyone!
I was really curious about you when he had a pic of you and "art icon."
Surprise...he wrote back and sent your link. Oh my!!!
I especially love the 100 yrs of illustrations...i love it.
I am new at this art world knowledge so i was so excited to
have these works all together.
People i have never heard of
but have seen the work.
Thanks for allowing your son to pass on your website.
A new admirer of your work,
Yolie Francis
P.s. I know how important design and marketing is...I worked as a vendor for a military broker. One of our biggest accounts...Kodak!

Paul Giambarba

Thanks, Irene. I wish I could respond with my views on DDR design from East Germany but I don't have any vivid recollections.


i've just glanced very quickly at your notes on 20th century design and found it interesting. i'd really like to know your views on classics like DDR design (east Germany). Thanks for a first view into a promising site,

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