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The huge studio pictured in Harper's Monthly is probably the one built for Abbey by his wealthy wife at Morgan Hall in Gloucestershire. He and Sargent shared the building, one at each end, when they were doing their wall paintings for the Boston Public Library.


Thank you :-)

Paul Giambarba

Since I can't know which would be more interesting to you, I can only suggest the very least expensive: #3 of The Enchanted Village, which has some excellent line drawings (see Edwin A. Abbey - 2) at $14.99 and #5 at $10.37 which I have not seen but is the cheapest of the lot.


Thank you for your advice. Wich of them are the more interesting ? It's not easy to see if there is images and so on...


Go to amazon.com(USA) and search books for Edwin A. Abbey and you will find a number of titles that are easy to find and not too expensive when converting Euros to $USA.


A 1901 's book is available ??? Sorry, I found only Unfaded Pageant and it was expensive for a mostly black and white images (and small ones). I don't want to spend to much money for books. I was speaking about easy to find and not to expensives books...:-)

Paul Giambarba

There are a number of books available. Check out amazon.com and abebooks.com, and particularly Bud Plant's site at http://www.bpib.com/abbey.htm


It's a pity there is no good book for this artist...

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