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I have a pencil drawing of two mountain men in the snow in the mountains. It's signed FENN could this be by Harry Fenn? My father bought this in Colorado years ago. Any info would help. Thanks.

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Susan Talbot-Stanaway

Hi: Found your postings on Google while I was researching E.J. Fenn. Recently found a small watercolor signed E. Fenn in our collection, but no information about the painting, artist, etc. It very much resembles the E. J. Fenn paintings elsewhere on Google. Would be pleased to receive any information on the artist. Thanks, Susan Talbot-Stanaway, Director, Zanesville Art Center, Zanesville, OH


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Go to Google and search Harry Fenn and also E.J. Fenn. They're both listed.

Darlene Kura

Is this the Harry Finn that was married to E. J. Finn? If so, where might I find information about her? I have one of her watercolors. Thank you in advance.

Darlene Kura

michael W Green

Good afternoon,
Ihave an copy engraving entitled 'orgueil castle'. I believe it comes from Picturesque Europe. Can you provide me with more information on Harry Fenn as I am attempting to trace the artist of 'Orgueil Castle'
Yours Sincerely ,
Michael W Green

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