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Kimby Pyle

Howard Pyle is a distant relative or mine. I think he is my grandfather's(George Albert Pyle) cousin or uncle. You seem to know alot about him and my brother and I are trying to figure out our family tree. I wonder if you know of anyone of his relatives still living or can direct me to such information. I am also looking to purchase a copy of one of his angels. thank you. Kimby

Julian Crouch

"why is the crescent moon so distracting, being as it is so close to the heroine's head? " you ask.

I found myself wondering if this was a symbolic depiction of tidal behaviour. So the man would be the water drawn by the magnetic pull of the beautiful female moon. The eternal love story.

It is a wild guess.

Great site by the way....

Professor Dave Winn

Thank you, Paul, for your marvelous web-posting on Pyle. Brilliant. Wonderful.

I wonder if you or anyone could steer me to a copy of an angel, done for as an illustration in Collier's Weekly, April 15, 1905 entitled "Why seek ye the living among the dead"?

Thank you & warm regards

David Winn

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