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Fernando -- I understand you. I have offered a subjective opinion so it's open to argument and disagreement. As both a designer and illustrator, my observation is that Hohlwein was more illustrator than designer, and Bernhard more designer than illustrator. Hohlwein did not experiment much at all with type styles and resorted mostly to a specific style of hand-lettering, whereas Berhard was a typophile, experimenting with different faces and most importantly, a type designer as well. Bernhard had a much wider focus in the graphic arts. However as illustrator, Hohlwein had the greater skill, in my opinion.


Thanks a lot! I'm doing a homework for my class of graphic design about Ludwig Hohlwein and Bernhard and i'm looking for resources...

I have a question. Why did u say Bernhard and Ludwing style are so differents?
I think it is different, ok... but in both artists we find a idea about simplicity. Maybe , school from Berlin is most german or gothic... or with more influence... i dont know if you understand me.

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